Ewan's Keynote

The Leading Edge: Harnessing technology in an every-changing world

What's private anymore?? What are you in 4 words... who are you?? - "I am a teacher" - (very sad)

How public is your public body? Public and private face

  • secret spaces - cell phones, sms
  • group spaces - eg bebo, myspace, facebook
  • publishing spaces - flickr blogger
  • performing spaces - second life, World of Warcraft, home etc
  • participation spaces - marches, meetings
  • watching spaces - gigs, TV, theatre

Web2.0 learning style, does your classroom have all these spaces??

FEAR is an issue : The Bass Player's Blog Teacher's afraid of doing things in front of class; failure, etc

OVERPLANNING is an issue... are you allowed and able to fail? Is there room for serendipity in your classroom (happy accidents)

THIN-SLICING - seeing lots of little bits and pieces over the next few days of conference, need to be aware and cope with it

DIGITAL HOLIDAYMAKERS - have a go and then just go back to whatever they were doing before - no sustainability (Maggie Irving)

2007 most important year this millenium - 1991 kids born in the same year of the www, has their education over the past years reflected this? 2001, it became normal to start posting thoughts, feelings, opinions on the web, what will 6 year olds of today have for the next 16 years of their education...

Scotland and NZ two of the "best nations" in the world possibly - ooohhh Ewan!

be very afraid - investigate this site, teacher who uses weird stuff like the cup stacking etc in education

Emerging technologies are forcing us to change the way we work

Emerging practices are making the biggest influence

Uncertainty A new role for the teacher A new role for the learner

5 points to leave with...

  • AUDIENCE - critical 75 mil blogs tracked by technorati, used to have of between 1 - 30 of an audience in the past - we have living breathing learning logs through our blogs, we are now in the one click web... kids becoming authors of worthwhile content! Wont get audience using a school website!

  • CREATIVITY - we have a need to share our creative efforts, Michaelangelo didn't just make a masterpiece and then lock it up. Can use lego to make animations and stories, eg 4 frame story, one picture and a 6 word story. Check out Flickr. Put classroom displays online... parents are busy and cannot always make it into the classroom. Parents can enter the children's classroom whenever they want and feel more connected and aprt of the school. Check out Partners in Excellence movie theatre... (PiE)

  • DIFFERENTIATE - raising the bar; differentiating the task for abilities etc; use games - they provide levelling up, cheat sheets - collaboration, encouragement, see improvement, validation. What can we learn from this?

  • AUTHENTIC GOALS - not just school website, too official, ownership. Micro writing, get feedback and expand. ITS


All free tools featured...

Mobile phones need to come out of pockets, be turned onto silent and bluetooth taken advantage of - mobile learning

Challenges exist

  • Media Literacy - what is your role? When to teach and when to stand back and earn - using their spaces and learning from them. If you don't understand what makes them tick, you don't understand your kids

  • DEATH BY RISK AVERSION - things go live in a click, can be scary, need to embrace this, care about things and learn from everything. Trust..... not just blocking

  • SPREADING - spread the culture, turn people around you into trainers, recruit people's ideas and talk to the kids! Learn to deliver the messages.

  • SUSTAINABLE - make it sustainable, don't just be a digital holiday maker

World is not flat, it is still round, but it is becoming smaller.

changed October 2, 2007